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  • I have WP Multisite with many clients mapping their own domains to their sites created on my network. Mapping domains to their websites works as follows:

    1. The client sets a CNAME pointing to my server
    2. I set their domain as a “Parked Domain” in my cpanel
    3. Their website displays with their domain. Good.

    My question is, would setting each client’s domain as a “Parked Domain” on my cpanel, potentially disrupt the client’s email?

    I don’t want to provide or setup email service or MX Records for my clients.

    Will clients still have the ability to setup their own email at their domain registrar?

    Having a hard time wrapping my head around this stuff, so please dumb down the answers 🙂

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  • Your question, and I share it, is:
    a) How many domain name registrars provide DNS services, so that they can set an A name record for the site but have MX records telling the email to go elsewhere? I’m sure I’ve used registrars that only let you set up nameservers.
    b) how many domain name registrars also provide email hosting? (or alternatively what are some cheap email hosting services now that Google isn’t free.)

    I’m also wondering about this. I’ve always had my email with my host so I’ve never had to worry about it, but setting up Multisite forces this not to be the case.

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