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    Some of your users use the CCA Plugin to prevent display of CN cookie bar to non EU visitors (and no cookie blocking). This month, thanks to GDPR, there’s been an upsurge in visits to my site’s page on this topic (e.g. as mentioned in this CN support request).

    It uses your cn_cookie_notice_output filter. If the visitor is from outside the EU (EEA countries can be added) it returns an empty string to Cookie Notice – result no Cookie Notice displayed, and no blocking of cookies).

    After you update CN for GDPR will an empty string “cn_cookie_notice_output” still prevent BOTH display of cookie bar AND allow cookies for non EU visitors? If not, will additionally returning true via “cn_is_cookie_accepted” do the trick for non-EU?

    Longer term:

    • could you provide a CN “do nothing” filter? (if default false do Cookie Consent stuff; if true do nothing); or
    • alternatively, Cookie Notice could add an “EU visitor only” check with a couple of lines using CCA plugin’s cca_is_EU() function:
    if ( function_exists('cca_is_EU') && ! cca_is_EU() ):
      // if CCA plugin is running and visitor not from EU
      // CN does nothing
      // do your usual CN magic

    Sorry if this is a duplicated request (I tried posting twice on the Dfactory forum but nothing appeared to happen).

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    I think I’ve done the workarounds so the CCA plugin can still prevent Cookie Notice and automatically allow cookies for non-EU visitors. The WP plugin dir now contains the updated version of CCA.

    However it would still be useful (and popular) if you could provide a do nothing hook, or use of cca_is_EU() function in Cookie notice code, would ensure no issues when the EU next changes its privacy laws!

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