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  1. yeleek
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    Want to use WordPress to create a site for a group locally based on a wp theme. Which can be fully alterable via the WI and doesn't require the alteration of a separate html file to add static content. The goals are:

    1) Static content on front page - welcome etc from a wp page.
    2) Dynamic content on front page - latest post from say news category.
    3) All within a WP theme, the rest of the pages will most likely all be specific wp pages or posts.

    How can I do this? I'm talking about the sort of thing on alexking.org (tho its down right now). Any advise, pointers, example templates etc would be grand.



  2. yeleek
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Found the answer to my own question here - static content with a mini loop. Great.

    I'm altering this theme for my own use

    The static content though has two issues... one it isn't in a pane on the right like the posts in this demo are and two it makes the sidebar on the left shift down. I guess cos of point one. How can i get static content as demo'd in the codex above in a pane on the right for this theme? Please WP guru's share the wisdom :)


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