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  • Hello Everyone,

    Say I have used wordpress now for about a year and love the power and flexability of the script. I am looking for a plugin or CMS however that will allow me to create “pages” that are linking together in a “pryamid linking structure” … hard to explain just what I am looking for … but I will have a try.

    Say I was to build a website on cars.

    I would want the home page to link to 20 “sub” pages that would each have a subject about recipes:

    home > chick recipes
    home > beef recipes
    home > salad recipes

    So each and every page of the website needs to have a link to the sub page:

    Chicken Recipes
    Beef Recipes
    Salad Recipes

    Then each sub page has links to pages within that section:

    chicken recipes: fried chicken
    chicken recipes: bbq chicken
    ect …

    Each page within the “chicken recipes” section would include one link to each “chicken recipes page” within that section, say near the footer.

    Then of course the CMS of my dreams would then include a blog section … have pings, trackbacks, create an rss feed … ect ….

    Anything like this availible?



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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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