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  • I’m new to WordPress and am using it to build a non-profit site. I don’t completely understand how to structure a combination of blog-like and static content and am wondering if you can help.

    Here’s a quick outline:

    I. Homepage, containing
    A. Alert
    B. Description of Organization
    C. What’s New
    – 3 posts listed, then link to posts in category
    – post is headline permalink & excerpt

    II. About
    A. Our Board

    III. Employment, containing
    A. Instruction Blurb
    B. Job Opportunities
    – Links to all opportunities posted

    IV. FAC
    V. Donate Page

    So, Sections II, IV, and V are PAGES straight-forward, and I can figure them out. But, Sections I and III are combinations of static (IA, IB, IIIA) and blog-like (IC, IIIB) content. Could someone walk me through how to structure those?

    Many Thanks..

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  • Here is what I’d do.
    I. Make a home.php template file in the theme folder (most likely saving the index.php as home.php) and edit its code:
    – use the get_a_post plugin to display A and B which would be Pages
    here is the plugin:
    – edit The_Loop to display only 3 posts’ excerpt from catgeory XX (where XX is the ID# of the “news” cat)

    on III.A include a link poiting to the category archive of category YY (where YY is the ID# of the “jobs” category)

    Plus, you can use different Category_Templates]] if you want to style the two category listings styled differently.
    The category listings/archives can show just the excerpts with a link to the full post (single post view in WP lingo).

    Post back if you have more questions.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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