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  • Review title: Clunky

    Review Post: I find this plugin to be very un-friendly and difficult to use/understand.

    In addition, I’m not going to GitHub for support when the point of having support offered, within the WordPress Plugin area, is to provide support WITHIN THE WORDPRESS PLUGIN AREA.

    After using this plugin a little, I’m improving my review from 1 Star to 3 Stars. My original review is the blockquote text above and my new review is below…

    I can appreciate the fact that a developer responded to my first rating of this plugin, but that did not affect my updated review.

    I can also sympathize with the developer about why they continue to use GitHub, but I stand by the fact that if the developer is going to make their plugin available on, they need to support it on or at the very least, on their own website. I despise having to register for accounts, at third-party websites, simply because a developer is too lazy to implement project management, support and/or version tracking on their own website. With all the Open Source, web-based applications out there, having a website eliminates the need of GitHub.

    I know Schema is a difficult thing to grasp, for a lot of people and I can see how this plugin’s developers has gone through great lengths to make something to ease the Schema frustration. For that I applaud the developers.

    However, if there is one thing I can’t stand about WordPress Plugins, it is when the “Obvious” has been overlooked.

    Why would the plugin ask me for an email address, telephone and fax number, in its form, and not output the text next to the data?

    Email Address outputs:

    Instead of:

    Email Address:

    Telephone outputs:

    (888) 555-1122

    Instead of:

    Telephone: (888) 555-1122

    Fax outputs:

    (888) 555-1123

    Instead of:

    Telephone: (888) 555-1123

    I understand that I can simply add identifying text, in the form field, but why should I have to? Its PHP and HTML, right?

    Additionally, the Street Address, City, State, Zip and Country are on 4 lines, by default, with the zipcode on a different line than the City/State. Who uses addresses this way? I understand The developers have made sure additional custom CSS can control each element, but why is that necessary? Why not display the way most people would use it, by default?

    The URL becomes the Entity Name link, instead of being displayed as a URL. Shouldn’t it be available both ways?

    Why offer so much, and leave out common add’l information, which most people would expect to find very close by, such as, Hours of Operation (HoO), Payments Accepted and a Map?

    I know this is a schema plugin and doesn’t really support Maps. However, I also know Hours of Operation, Payment Type & etc is supported by for Thing > Organization > LocalBusiness (, but if a designer/developer/WordPress user, is going to put all the information, supported by this plugin, on a page/post, it will surely be followed by Hours of Operation (HoO), Payments Accepted and/or a Map.

    Finally, why go this far, and not supply multiple shortcodes, to control which content type is displayed when and in what order?

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    first off, if there is something unfriendly / difficult about it, please let me know so it can be improved. Schema by it’s very nature is complicated, so we’ve taken a lot of time and thought to make it as easy as possible.

    as for GitHub support, the WP support forums lack a lot of the controls that GitHub (and any others) provide. For example, there’s no way to separate bugs from enhancement requests, or to easily track specific issues that may be a longer-term fix. While I’m sorry that you don’t *like* GitHub, that won’t be changing any time soon.

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    thank you for the added feedback. This is very helpful for me to see how people are using it so updates can be made.

    I plan on adding labels for various fields in the next release, which should be in a week or so. I am also testing a way to allow existing shortcodes to be edited without re-entering the information. It’s working on most field types, but some of the trickier ones (repeating fields, dates, etc) aren’t up to snuff yet.

    Also, there shouldn’t be an issue with having multiple schema shortcodes in a single piece of content. In fact, I’ve tested with having 4 or 5 in a single post, and it worked well. Are you seeing something different?

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