• I’ve now struggled with Ultimate Member for 2 years hoping the next update would make not work properly, and I’m finally giving up. I have no idea how it gets such high ratings. Everything is a high-dollar add-on and the core plugin is slow, heavy, and often basic features don’t even work making us look like idiots to our customers. I’m so glad that so many other developers are in this space now because Ultimate Member is going in the trash for good!

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  • I couldn’t disagree more… I’ve tried BuddyPress and Peepso and UM is simply faster, more flexible, and better looking than anything else out there. I’ve only needed one plugin (for Woo) and it is well worth the price for the function it provides. Not sure what your actual complaint is

    Same here… I’ve been utilizing ultimate member on a massive community website (enterprise crm) and I have never run into issues. 4 years now and no problems!

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    I have used UM for ??, well years. It was rock solid for what I needed and worked great. I have used it on several web sites and recommended to several others. Everything was GREAT – until 2.0 hit!

    This REALY broke my web site! I work with their PHP API a fair amount and now I am rewriting a lot of my code to get away from the UM PHP code. I was really surprised by their depreciation of some of their APIs. Their 2.0 developer documentation is not much help. I guess shame on me!

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