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  • Sadly, this is one of those themes that you can tell the developers put a lot of work into and yet it only manages to be about as user-friendly as deciphering the scientific formula for creating plutonium. In the dark. In Braille. When you don’t even read Braille.

    Overall, the screenshot and demo looks nice, but the process of fleshing out this theme is confusing and annoying with lots of settings just seeming to do nothing. I’m sure the settings do something…but what?! And where?! I’ve only successfully installed 300+ WordPress themes, so maybe I’m not yet skilled enough to work with this theme. No idea.

    There’s just not enough payoff to struggle through this company’s interpretation of user-friendliness.

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  • MariusG



    We do appreciate the time you took to test and review our theme, but we could definetly use some advice.

    We did start with Zerif as very simple and user friendly, but more features were requested over time and the customizer got a little crowded.

    Even so, I still don’t understand why you are saying that settings do nothing, especially when everything is done from the Customizer.
    Every setting you are changing appears live on the right side, this should be pretty user friendly.

    My guess is that you didn’t add any content in widgets/posts/portfolios and you were stuck with the demo preview, that’s why settings wouldn’t have any effect.

    From my experience, most of our customers manage to set up the homepage in less than 30 minutes (I’m talking about settings from the customizer, not custom coding/changes).

    Best regards,

    Maybe it’ll help someone. I struggled with the theme for a while. And then, in customizer i changed Static Front Page to Your latest posts. That’s the only way i found for that beautiful one page to show in my site. Wish this feature would be easier to find.

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