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  • bit of a mixed bag. :/

    First of all, this is a very complex plugin, and the developer has obviously invested much effort to make it as configurable as possible. This laudable endeavour appears to have been stymied by his being much more of a coder than a UI/UX-designer, as it would seem.
    The interface is daunting to begin with and, by the time of this writing, simply not up to par with what can be done + expected in 2022; it looks and handles like something harking back to the (very) early days of WordPress. Unexperienced users will hence be flat-out overwhelmed + are unlikely to achieve the/ir desired results. Enabling / disabling plugins by filter rules e.g. is rather unintuitive and takes a lot of trial & error to figure out properly (and the documentation does next to nothing to help with that).
    Once you tweaked your way thru the hassle, tho’, it does do its job;
    so that’s that.

    Where it doesn’t perform is the vital Load Order functionality. As of now, storing changes to the sequence of loading does not seem to do anything. We have employed the li’l sibling ‘Plugins Load Order’ (by Jose Antonio de la Barrera Mayoral) to counter-check and found that

    • changes made thru Plugin Organizer were found to not stick per either Plugin Organizer or Plugin Load Order
    • changes made thru Plugin Load Order, however, were confirmed to prevail per both.

    Seeing that Jeff seems to have been unresponsive here (for more than 2 months about now) has me wary to go with an extension as unwieldy and fraught as Plugin Organizer while, alas, there aren’t many alternatives around which offer grouping, ordering, filtering and selective dis-/enabling in one package. Hence, the 3 stars.

    If it got a proper facelift and the apparent issues resolved, this package has the potential to truly shine. In an ideal world, @foomagoo (Jeff), @chespir (José) and perhaps @enomoto-celtislab (of ‘Plugin Load Filter’) might pool their experience, knowledge + resources to create a viable successor fit to surpass each of the/ir current approaches;
    right here and now, such an uber-plugins-wrangler is yet a pipe-dream.

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