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    Hello My name is Jake and I am posting for the very first time. Clubpenguin on the other hand has been a really popular game for
    kids from the ages of 8-12. Here are some cheats, glitches,and
    secrets that I do know.

    First of all as you all know the New Game in the Clubpenguin Night Club is under construction as the aire a new game called Mix Master.
    As you all know the Green Puffle that has also been hangin around had moved his spot into the the Ice Rink until the Construction is over this Friday.

    If you want to get the Treble Clef pin it is located at the underground pool.
    If you want to get a guitar stand click on the upright piano
    and if you want different kinds of guitars to appear on the stand
    just click on the arrow keys for more.
    Click the Coffee Shop Tree For the Vegitable Garden
    Click the leaves on the palm tree for the flower planter
    Click on the Seaweed for the Clam
    The New Music is available. I am sorry to say that they have taken off the hard rock music.

    As you all know that CPIP is going away for good next week and I hope you all get the item the red hard hat and if you drill with that hat you will drill a red jackhammer.

    As you know that Clubpenguin Had been renovated as good as new. Allthough You have to type in all of your penguin ifo like for
    example if you saved your account on your computer you will need
    to re-type your information.

    As you all know Penugin Mail have also mais a special surprise to everyone with this you can save and delete your mail, and if you want to send mail to buddys that are not online no worries you can still send to them when they are not even around! There is also a free item
    in Penguin Mail it’s a Blue Messenger Bag.

    And whenever your buddy is there will be something in the toolbar that says [Your Buddy’s Name] is here.

    And also you know the ninjas right if you go to the Ski Lodge on the Mirror you will see a ninja’s shadow.
    Here are some accounts and passwords that i know and work trust me!


    Note They Do Work.

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  • As you have read the last post Many people say that clubpenguin
    is so @#$ and stuff about the whole membership thing and stuff like
    that, but i say it’s a bit fair that they have to pay because whats the whole point if you dont pay money for a 6 month membership
    “I am so sorry this post was short but
    My weird grammy told me to sleep so I
    Can rise like the biggest sunflower.
    You know how they can be Grandma

    Everyone I Need Your Help as soon as you get this!!!
    My penguin has gotten banned for saying something when my big brother
    said this word “sex” I was once playing Clubpenguin And I was saying
    “Wait A Sec” But i didn’t type in th “c” yet but when i had my atention off the computer he added an “x” to it Then I got banned
    please email clubpenguin and tell the what happened and get me unbanned because its especialy a member
    So Please Help!!!!!

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