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  • Hello,

    I just updated to your last version of the plugin and learnt about Cloudflare.

    Is cloudflare intented to work together with S3/clodfront or as an alternative?

    All my themes, etc are configured to use images and themes files stored in my s3 subdomaing (i.e., and it is working fine til now but I liked some of the features of cloudflare.

    What do you recommend?

    Thanks a lot and regards

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  • I am not aware of any issues with CloudFlare and S3/CloudFront. You would want to make sure the subdomain is added to CloudFlare in your DNS settings (settings->DNS settings->Add subdomain->make sure cloud is gray).

    Please let us know if you see anything strange on the CloudFlare side. Since it sounds like a simple CNAME record, however, I can’t think of anything that would cause a conflict.

    So, your recommendation is that I can use Amazon S3/Cloudfront in combination with Cloudflare ???

    Thanks a lot and regards


    No known issues with using both. Give it a shot & let us know what happens.

    I made a very interesting discovery when logging my site speed over a couple of weeks with, comparing with and without W3 Total Cache, Amazon Cloudfront as CDN, and CloudFlare.

    Without W3TC my sitespeed was about 3-4 secs, relatively stable
    With W3TC my sitespeed went down to about 1-2 secs, but fluctuated greatly
    With W3TC and CloudFront CDN my sitespeed went down to about 1 secs, but fluctuated even more than without CDN
    With W3TC, and with CloudFlare, but without CloudFront CDN my sitespeed rarely goes above 0.5 sec, often no more than 0.2-0.3 secs, simply amazing.
    I haven’t tried with W3TC, with CloudFront and with CloudFlare yet, but I’m quite happy with the results of CloudFlare without CloudFront.



    hello all,

    i would like to thank you all for this thread, it was very helpful ar straightforward, especially the last reply of jankph.

    I have tested CloudFlare with and without W3TC on three of my sites, all of them in shared environment…
    The best option for me and i believe for many of us is CloudFlare (with plugin) but WITHOUT W3TC.
    W3TC it made the site content “smaller” in traffic but a lot more slow in performance, but without it is lightning fast only with CloudFlare.

    hope it helps!

    Great info… I am wondering jankp and macs if any of you are using PRO version with Prefetching when doing the analysis vs. standard (free) options. Prefetching should also make a big difference and it would be good to know if we are all comparing apples with apples with respect to Cloudflare.

    I also have been doing some testing using Cloudflare and without W3TC seems to be the way to go on some sites but on others, with quite a bit of js and overhead, W3TC seems to improve it. I am skeptical if there are any benefits from also using another CDN like Cloudfront at the same time. It seems redundant with the Cloudflare CDN and my gut tells me it can be source of problems / conflicts… but then again, what does my gut know??

    Great thread…. very helpful !!

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