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  • Chad Warner


    The current version of the CloudFlare plugin breaks the PayPal Add to Cart buttons on this page. By “breaks,” I mean that the PayPal homepage loads rather than the PayPal cart page. We only observed this in IE 11, not Chrome or Firefox. We didn’t test other versions of IE.

    I deactivated and activated plugins to narrow it down, and found that the buttons only work when the CloudFlare plugin is deactivated, even if all other plugins were activated. I don’t know when this started; the site owner reported it yesterday.

    Setting CloudFlare to Development Mode or Pause didn’t make a difference; deactivating the plugin is the only thing that allowed the buttons to work.

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  • damoncloudflare



    I’m not sure this is actually an issue related to the plugin. Did you have Rocket Loader turned on before (generally more of a cause)? Did turning off Auto Minify change the behavior?

    Optional performance features are far more likely to potentially show different behaviors with different browsers, so it would seem strange if this was indeed related to the plugin in any way.

    No, Rocket Loader has never been enabled. As a test, I just re-activated the CloudFlare plugin, disabled all Auto Minify, and cleared all caches (including CloudFlare’s). The problem reappeared for IE 11. I expected that, because in my OP I noted that setting CloudFlare to Development Mode or Pause didn’t make a difference, and I believe those would’ve ruled out Auto Minify as the source.

    After that test, I deactivated the CloudFlare plugin, enabled all Auto Minify, and cleared all caches. Now the buttons work again. So, it still appears that the plugin is the cause.


    That seems odd (not behavior the plugin should do at all). Can you please open a support ticket? We’ll have to forward to our developer to take a look at.

    I just submitted request ID 541924.

    Before Reading this post I reported the same problem on this thread:

    Https-redirects to Paypal in IE changes to http

    Any progress on the support ticket?

    Wompa, I have no record that CloudFlare ever responded to my support ticket. I still have the CloudFlare plugin disabled on the site that experienced problems. I haven’t looked into this since my last post, 5 months ago.

    You are not the only one experienced that. I have also submitted a request a few days ago about this issue, and no response from CloudFlare.

    Not good for CloudFlare, which I’m sure will show up in reviews.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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