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  • Hey folks,

    My blog started to use CloudFlare about 2 months ago, and all is going well. But recently we have been having the “Website Offline Message” a lot, so much so I had to remove CloudFlare.

    I contacted the guys at CloudFlare to see if they can helps us so we can get back on board with them – their system is freakin’ awesome!

    What they have said is this:

    “We were seeing a bunch of “connection reset by [your web
    server]” and “Connection timed out” errors.


    Jan 22 01:42:32 [nginx_error] 15m5: 2012/01/22 06:42:32
    [error] 4492#0: *40639976 recv() failed (104: Connection reset by
    peer) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: 15c5, request: “GET
    HTTP/1.1″, upstream:
    host: “”

    With a few other errors but they are either” 110: Connection timed out” or “104: Connection reset by peer”. What is annoying is the site runs really fast, no one complains about the speed, just the fact that this error message appears too often – I even removed the “Available Offline Flag” from our settings in CloudFlare to make sure the message didn’t appear, but it still did.

    I contacted our host – ServerBeach, unmanaged, dedicated, Windows IIS7 – and they say they aren’t blocking anything. Neither am I block any IP address in IIS. So am stumped. The files/pages that the error messages talk about seem to be fine as well when I browse to them.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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