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    I have successfully installed and configured the plugin to use S3 as a backend, and it works fine. All the links in my posts are replaced with the S3 bucket URL, no problems.

    The site is fronted by Cloudflare. I’d like to have the pictures uploaded to S3 fronted by Cloudflare as well. When I follow the instructions to configure a CNAME and associated bucket, the plugin works – the files still go to the bucket and the URLs get rewritten to use the CNAME, BUT – the images do not render. If I try and access the pictures using the CNAME in my domain I get an XML page which I believe is Amazon saying access denied.

    I’ve named the bucket cdn.mydomainname.com and made it fully public.
    I created the CNAME as ‘cdn’ and pointing to cdn.mydomainname.com.<amazon s3 url>

    Is there some additional trick or extra setting that’s needed to get this to work with the CNAME in Cloudflare to rewrite to the Amazon S3 bucket?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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