• Hi,

    I have set up with CloudFlare as my CDN and seeing as it took me quite a while to do so,seeing as I am new to building web sites,and all the stuff that is involved with running one,I don’t really want to just disconnect from them,seeing as they offer security benefits too.

    I have had issues with Smushit and EwWW Image Optimizer plugins.

    I was thinking of trying Optimus by easycdn but it needs to work with their own cache plugin (cache Enabler) to work.

    Seeing as I went to great lengths to learn how to configure W3TC cache plugin,I don’t want to stop using it as it seems to work nicely with my set up.

    So…My question is:Can I continue to use CloudFlare,or is it vital that I disconnect with them in order to make use of your plugin/service?


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  • Plugin Author cloudinary



    Sorry for the response delay.

    Please note that all of Cloudinary’s resources are also automatically delivered through Akamai’s worldwide fast and secured CDN. Using CloudFlare’s CDN in front of Cloudinary may work but will have its down-sides. Specifically, some features will not be supported, like our automatic format optimizations, advanced reporting, invalidations and more.
    You’d fully enjoy Cloudinary and all of its features if you’d use us end-to-end.

    We hope this answers your question.

    Thanks for responding.

    Its nice to know there is support,both here,and from your parent site,of which,I have had good support:)

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