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  • The announcement of Google’s coming cloud service got me to thinking:

    I have a reseller shared server account with Hosting Zoom with lots of space and bandwidth. Could I set up my own “cloud server” there which would make it a lot easier to read/write files than is FTP?

    WordPress has a plugin for everything else; does it have one for this?

    If not, do you know a free server-side script package that would work?

    What about the client side? I run Linux and Windows; would there be a way to have my cloud in the file menus of LibreOffice and such?


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    In most cases, just install WordPress like you would normally on your web host. Cloud or not.

    I see I failed to communicate. I was thinking of trying to set up a cloud system for easy reading and saving of files from desktop programs. The standard upload/download in WP wouldn’t do it.




    I doubt the hosting company would allow any type of access on their shared servers for a client to set up a cloud type environment. I’m a little unclear of why you would need this though for FTP. Why does the standard WP upload/download not work?

    You may be right about the hosting company.

    I don’t “need” to do this. It’s just a learning exercise to see if it can be done without having use FTP.

    Actually, I have a pretty nice dropbox script that’s easy to upload and download stuff. But I wanted to see if I could get the same type of functionality thatone gets with the big cloud guys.


    The host would be the big tripping point here

    Buried within the TOS of many hosts is a statement that your hosting cannot be used for online storage. It can only be used for your website files, etc.

    Hosts vary of course

    Interesting point, Rev. I’ve long used my account for casual storage of stuff: screenshots, personal images, etc.

    OTOH, it’s pretty much a low volume item, so maybe the red flag would go up only if I started storing many megs.


    Yeah, I store a few things there too. I’m pretty sure they aren’t too concerned with low volume stuff, as you say.

    Screenshots, images, etc. are pretty standard faire for a website to begin with. Hard to know if its for your site or not without auditing everything.

    I didn’t know about these types of restrictions until I dug a little deeper, I was looking for a place to back up about 20000 photos. That one might have garnered some attention.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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