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    Hi Ulfben,

    First, thanks for the awesome plugin!

    Two issues I couldn’t solve. I tried all kinds of settings combination but I didn’t get anywhere.

    I am using your plugin on this site:

    1. How can I achieve that the menu tree closes when I click a menu point that has no sub-menu items?

    Here’s the procedure that outlines the issue:
    – First click on “Projekte”.
    – Then click on “Wettbewerbe”.
    You can see that the “Projekte” tree closes nicely.
    – Now click on either “Zeichnungen”, “CV” or “Kontakt”.
    The page loads, but the “Wettbewerbe” tree doesn’t close.

    2. Close all trees when I click on the site logo (“Alex Herter” in the top left corner).

    Here’s the procedure that outlines the issue:
    – Click on “Pojekte”.
    – Then click on any sub menu items of “Projekte”.
    The respective page loads on the right side.
    – Click on the site logo (top left).
    You can see that we get back to the homepage but the tree doesn’t close.

    Strange enough it works when you click on any of the images on the front page and then click the site logo. But only if all trees are closed beforehand.
    – Make sure all trees are closed.
    – Click on any image on the front page.
    The tree opens and the respective page loads on the right side.
    – Now click on the site logo.
    The “Projekte” tree closes nicely.



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  • Plugin Author ulfben


    1. Sounds like a bug. You have the source. Let me know what you figure out.

    2. Definitely a bug. is_home() doesn’t work for your setup. Ergo; update the test by adding a check for is_front_page().

    Thanks for your answer. I’ve tried to figure it out. But I am not a programmer. I am at a loss here…

    Since you identified it as bugs, is there anything you can do? Of have you abandoned the support on this?

    Sorry but I don’t get it.
    – You write this plugin.
    – I have a problem with it.
    – You say it’s a bug in your code.
    – You tell me to fix it myself.
    – I can’t do it since I am not savvy enough at coding.

    Then you put the topic to “resolved”…

    What am I missing?

    I admit, I wasn’t begging you with sugar on top and I apologize for this. It’s just that I am a little critical when it comes to the attitude of some programmers that release plugins on this website and then abandon it with no support. In other words, I might have over reacted a little by asking if you abandoned support for this plugin. But telling me to fix your product myself when you declare my issue as a bug triggered this.

    Back to the real issue. Since I am not able to fix it myself, are you willing to figure it out or did you mean that my issue only occurs in my setup and it has nothing to do with your code?

    In this case I would agree that I am on my own since this is freeware.

    Plugin Author ulfben


    – I have a problem with it.

    Yes, you do.

    Then you put the topic to “resolved”…

    I set it to resolved so the forum stops notifying me about this issue. You have made your report, and you are unwilling to help fix it. There is nothing more to do in this thread.

    But since it upsets you so much, I swapped the status back. Enjoy.

    I am a little critical […] of […] programmers that release plugins on this website and then abandon it with no support

    I have developed, made available and maintained this plugin (and several others), for free, for almost a decade.

    Tell me more about what I owe you?

    But telling me to fix your product myself

    It’s not a product, it’s an open source project. You are free to use my code, but you have no right to my time. At some point I might have an opportunity to take time out of my schedule to release a new update. At that point I might fix this problem.

    Until then I have done what I can for you; I have noted your report, and I have given you two very specific points of entry to develop a fix for your problem. Now you can either help out, pay someone else to help out, live with the issue, or stop using the plugin.

    Thanks for replying.

    I am aware that this is open source. And I am aware that you don’t get paid. I do appreciate the work people put into their plugins they release here for free for us to use. I thanked you for the plugin. I made the issue reproducible, which takes time too. I my view, as a designer, NOT a programmer, I did everything I could to resolve the issue.

    One thing I totally disagree is that you now say I was unwilling to help. I was not unwilling. I sat down for a while and tried to figure out what you meant. I read up on the issue and tried fixing it. Which at the end brought me back to pinging you again. And btw. to start with I had to ping you via your website to get an initial take from you.

    But hey, it’s your choice to expose yourself with your plugins and I am sorry if you can’t take it. Reading between the lines on other threads on your plugin I can see that you are fed up with assisting people and I do get that from an initial enthusiastic release such a plugin can become a burden.

    I’ll close the ticket an leave you in peace. Maybe I can find someone else that is able to have a go and I will gladly forward the result to you in case we’re able to fix it.

    Thanks again!

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