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  • I have to admit to being _seriously_ tempted by WordPress. It’s more than the fact that it’s free and open source (I’m happy to pay for good software), but the reports that I’m hearing that WP uses less resources than Movable Type. This is especially an issue with my webhost, 1 and 1, being quite stingy with its use of cgi resources, giving me annoying 500 internal server errors when I ping too many sites while using too many plugins (Textile 2).
    I am leery of going over because of how much I’ve invested in Movable Type and how inept I can be with complicated technical stuff such as imports. I run several blogs across two MySQL databases. I want to be sure that the transfer is really trouble free and that I don’t lose some key functionality if I go over.
    So, can anybody address my few remaining concerns about WordPress?
    1. There doesn’t appear to be a way to manage several blogs at once as is the case in Movable Type. I’ve heard that you can run multiple blogs with WordPress, but are we really stuck with one-installation per blog?
    2. What are the state of plugins for WordPress? I have two that I consider to be vital. I could really use Brad Choate’s macros, since I’ve been using his MT plugin for over a year. I also want to know if there is an equivalent to MTCloseComments, since I’m finding this feature more effective than MTBlacklist in keeping me insulated against comment spam. What about Textile 2?
    That’s really about it. As I said, I’m sorely tempted by what WordPress has to offer. If anybody can address my two remaining concerns, I’ll probably make the switch…

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  • I’ve heard that devs are working on #1 question. Not sure tho’. And have no idea about #2 (never used MT (was clever enough I guess)).
    Hope to see you switching 🙂

    I know auto-closing comments has been kicked around here a few times. Don’t know current state.
    As to Brad’s macros — they’re all MT, and needed due to MT’s general approach (from what I’ve seen!). What specific features/macros are you looking for, as the functionality is either there or might be in development.
    As for tex2 support, I thought there was a tex2 plugin available, though I might be wrong.

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