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    Hi…is it possible to add a method to close the event pop up when viewing on a smart phone? Currently whether using the calendar, mini-calendar or event list, when you click on an event on an iPhone the event pops up as expected. But there’s no way to close the event. I think a good idea would be to allow the event to close if you clicked outside the event.


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  • The pop-up opens and closes based on mouse hovers not clicks. It should close when you move away. This is how it works on my Blackberry. Are you seeing something different?

    The iPhone and Android phones that I tested with don’t have a mouse, so in order for the event to be visible you need to tap it with your finger. This brings the event up, but then there’s no way to make the event go away unless you click on another event. Doing that closes the original event and opens the new one. So basically there’s no way to ‘hover’ with an iPhone or an Android based phone.


    Check out version 1.1.3 – I added closure of the pop-up window when you click on it again. Please let me know if you notice any problems.

    Hi there,

    Just installed v1.1.3 on my site and now when an event on the main calendar that is NOT linked to another site is clicked, the plugin returns a ‘Message from webpage’ warning box with “Clicked” and an ‘OK’ button (WordPress won’t let me paste it here). This is a new message box that didn’t appear in prior versions. When ‘OK’ is clicked, the message box closes, but the details of the event (normally in the pop-up box) then appear in the given date box of the calendar, expanding that week’s row of days. Hovering over that date again flahes between the pop-up and the expanded date box, unless the event is clicked again, which repeats the warning “Clicked” box. Closing the “Clicked” box again remedies the problem, but the pop-up box no longer appears. It’s a messy/confusing experience for users and needs a bug fix.

    This occurs on a laptop. I’ve not tried yet from a mobile phone. You can see the issue if you go to my Calendar page and go to April and try clicking on the ‘Planning Meeting’ event on April 9th.

    I looked for a way to re-install v1.1.2 via the WordPress Plugin repository but don’t see one. Any chance you can fix this with a new release or instruct me how to back out of 1.1.3?


    Sorry, I missed this. I should have a fix soon.

    Please try version 1.1.4 and let me know how it goes.

    Hi again!

    Installed 1.1.4 and the fix works great. In fact, even better now…clicking on the non-linked event does nothing, whereas it used to refresh the page. Very clean now.

    Thanks for the fast action!


    Hi..yes seems to be working for me as well. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been traveling for work this week.

    Thank you,

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