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    I made a simple popup with a link in it, if i click on that link it takes me to where it’s supposed to, but the popup shows up again, even though it’s set to not show for another 12 hours, i can keep clicking that link and the popup will keep opening forever.

    I’m running the latest version of the plugin and of WP.

    Popup trigger is set to Time with a 1 second delay.

    All 3 “Closed by” checkboxes are checked and it’s set to “Do not show this message across the site” (reset after 12 hours).

    This was never a problem before, but i guess because the popup was never closed the closing behaviour rule isn’t being applied anymore ? why is it not sensing that the popup was triggered ?

    This is a severe dealbreaker and the popup i made is for a limited time event, so i need to switch over to something that works asap.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • i have a similar problem with:

    the exit popup is also not working for me

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    @saveatrain How is that a similar problem ? your popup won’t even start while mine won’t stop, it’s completely different, and you posted no details, so nobody can help you even if they wanted.
    Please delete your comment from this thread/topic and start your own.

    Plugin Support Prathamesh – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @joegp,

    I just checked your site and I see that the conditions are working perfectly. To double-check this I went ahead and checked this with multiple locations and random browsers and I could not replicate this on my end.

    Now here if I just hit the page by just reloading it without clicking on the page or on the close button, then there would be no activity detected as you did not click on the page but just reloaded it. The condition works only when there is call to action and not just the page load hence the popup would be visible.

    But when you click on the page and then reload it, as there was an activity detected, the popup would no longer be displayed for next 12 hours.

    @saveatrain I understand that you are facing an issue but it is better to open your own thread so we could independently check your thread and that way it would not mix or hamper other threads or investigation or checks happening in them.

    Also to add this, when you reply on others thread, the said author of that page is notified over the email on every reply that hits the thread through which they could feel disturbed too. Also as @joegp said it is good to add in all the information as that could help us understand and then check the issue more deeply.

    I did check your site and I see that there is no active hustle popup on your page. Kindly recheck the same on you rend and open a new thread with all the relevant details URL and screenshots stating your issue to help you further with it.

    Prathamesh Palve

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    Hi Prathamesh,

    I just rechecked it in Chrome Incognito mode and Firefox normal mode, after i click on the link in the popup and the new page loads the popup still opens again, how is that working perfectly? So yeah the issue is still definitely there.
    This issue was initial discovered by my boss, who is from Canada (i’m on the other side of the world).
    Are you saying the popup does not open again for you ?

    I also tried putting that link in the CTA (call to action) field and the results are the same, so there is no special detection for that either.

    Are you trying to tell me your plugin is not able to detect its own popup triggering ?

    Even the most basic popup plugins can detect the popup opening/triggering, so where is the condition for that in your plugin ?

    Reloading the page after the popup opened should still stop the popup from opening again, as it already opened once and the next time it opens should be a minimum of 12 hours later.

    If your plugin cannot detect popups opening then how are you doing the conversion tracking ? isn’t clicking on a link in the popup the whole point of a conversion ?

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    Hello @joegp

    I hope you’re well today and I’m sorry for delayed response!

    Clicking on a link “in popup” (as in “in popup content”) doesn’t really do anything related to showing/hiding conditions. The content of the popup is not analyzed and monitored.

    That’s the purpose of the CTA button there.

    However, it’s behavior will depend on settings in “Behavior” configuration.

    1. there are “Additional Closing Methods” options where I’d suggest enabling “Close pop-up after CTA conversion”. This will close popup after the CTA button is clicked and also open the target link of CTA button as set in configuration

    2. there’s a “Closing behavior” section where you can select if popup should be showing again after being closed or not showing on specific post/page or not showing across entire site; you can also set for how long it should not be showing; this will only be applied if popup is closed via clicking on “x” icon and/or outside of popup (depending on checkboxes checked there) but won’t apply to clicking on CTA button

    3. lower on that same page there are additional settings where you can change “Visiblity after CTA conversion” and only this setting will change whether clicking on CTA button will stop popup from showing up or not.

    As for reload possibly hiding the popup, there’s a visiblity rule that can be added: “Number of times visitor has seen” and it will let you specify how many times the same visitor should see the popup if they don’t close it and/or click on CTA button (if this is set as mentioned above).

    Kind regards,

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    @wpmudev-support8 all the popup plugins i’ve used until now have not reopened a popup after the popup opened and someone clicked on a link inside it and they were redirected to a new page.

    The purpose of the popup has been served (to get them to the new page), so what would be the point of it opening again ? none
    that’s why that is a default behaviour in almost every popup plugin and i think it was in yours too, or maybe i didn’t pay enough attention.

    Why would anyone ever want to show the same popup again to the same IP/person mere seconds after the first time ? only to be annoying, so i guess one of those ‘disable adblocker or go away” kind of popups.
    I’ve noticed you have added such a feature at some point, maybe that is when you changed the default behaviour to have it keep reopening.

    I tested the “close after CTA conversion” and that one works, but using the CTA button has almost no options and looks far too ugly and positioned wrong to use, so it’s unusable to me. If the CTA was added as a shortcode that would allow more flexibility (like center aligning it), although i’d prefer it if it was a piece of code i could add to my link or button code, like “class=popup-cta” or “id=popup-cta”.

    I’ve added a visibility rule to “hide” the popup if “Any” conditions have been met, and i’ve set it to “Number of times visitor has seen” to “More than 1” (this should be the default condition), saved it and tried it in incogito mode in Chrome and in normal mode in Edge, and nothing changed, the popup opened again, so that doesn’t seem to be working.
    Am i doing something wrong ?
    And even if it did work, would that be reset after 12 hours ?

    None of you even see how big a problem this is, so i’m just wasting my time here.

    The only people who are annoyed by this issue are the most important visitors, the ones that actually clicked on the link, we are better off not having a popup at all.

    Plugin Support Pawel – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @joegp

    I trust you’re doing well!

    I apologize for teh delay in this thread. I’ve tested an opt-in on your site, it is closed and never showing up after:
    – clicking in X button
    – clicking in empty space outside pt-in
    – It is not closed after clicking on a link inside.

    I’ve reported this issue to our developers so they could have a closer look.

    I can see that you do not like the CTA button appearance. It can be changed and positioned in the middle, and look the same as the link inside the content.

    Would you please add the CTA button and add this CSS code to Appearance > Customizer > Additional CSS:

    .hustle-button-cta  {
         background-color:transparent !important;
         color:#20a7af !important;
         font-weight:700 !important;
         font-size:20px !important;
         margin:0 auto !important;
     .hustle-button-cta:hover  {
         background-color:#20a7af !important;
         color:white !important;

    Please let us know how it went!

    Kind regards,

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    Well at least you see it as a problem now.

    I’ve added the code and now it’s centered (but not centered on mobile), but that is still far from ideal, CTA’s aren’t always the last thing in a popup, there is no way to add the built in CTA anywhere else.
    I still think adding it via shortcode is the best option and easier to use by more people, nobody is gonna know what code to add (like the one you sent me) unless they ask you, and that is not a good way to do it.

    Anyway, thanks for listening.

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    Hi @joegp

    The CTA placement/look could be further customized with CSS (though for mobile experience you’d most likely would need to use CSS media queries) but I can see your point.

    The “shortcode idea” sounds like a nice solution. I’ve just passed it over to our developers to be considered as possible feature in future.

    Best regards,

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    Centering the CTA is something i think most people would like to do, so there should be an easy way to select that, like from one of your templates and in that case it would be good if the featured image was also centered (both centered on mobile as well) seeing as it’s not i can’t use it.

    Also i see there are a lot of color settings, yet the background color around the CTA button (not the CTA buttons background) is not one of them (it used to be light grey on mine), it really should be, that light grey is what i disliked the most about the CTA design (besides it not being centered).

    Thankfully i figured out what code to change to fix that.

    And another problem is if i add an image in the popup content area and my popup is set to a width of 600px for example, that image gets cut off on mobile (it only shows like half of it).
    So i had to add style code to the image code (max-width: 100%;) to fix that, but then it gets squished, it doesn’t resize properly (by maintaining the aspect ratio), and to fix that i found i also need to add (width: 600px; height: auto;)

    I’m sure there is a better way to do it, i mean images resize properly on any normal webpage on our sites, i’m sure the theme has some code that ensures that and that code seems to be missing from your plugin.

    No offense but everything i’ve mentioned until now is pretty basic stuff that should have been fixed in the beta stages of the plugins development.

    Plugin Support Pawel – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @joegp

    I trust you are doing well!

    Thank you for your time in writing this feedback.

    if i add an image in the popup content area and my popup is set to a width of 600px for example, that image gets cut off on mobile (it only shows like half of it).

    The “Custom Pop-up Size” option where an opt-in accepts only width and height values in px. In this case, if the height value was smaller than the actual opt-in content, an image most likely would be cut of.

    This can an option “Desktop Only”, will apply custom size for desktop view only. Please see this screenshot:

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Nastia,

    That’s an interesting point, mine is set to All devices, i’ll try Desktop only at some point.
    BUT the height field is blank (empty), that means it should be set to “auto” right ?
    i think from my testing that it is, and height wise the entire image and text fit in the popup window, the width is the problem.

    Anyway, i’ll try Desktop only in the future.

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