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    Hello Andrei haha:p

    The table shows correctly now, but i have one other issue.
    I set thursday as closed in my opening hours table. I placed this line in the closed note in my current status widget:

    We zijn gesloten tot {next-day} om {next-time}

    Translated to English it means: We are closed till {next-day} at {next-time}

    However it doesn’t show the message. It just shows “we zijn geopend” which is the standard content i added in the open note.

    Any idea why?

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  • Hello Andrei,

    I kept trying, but the {next-day} {next-time} tags just dont work.

    You think this will be fixed asap, or it needs some time? I have this website i am building, and now i am dont except the opening hours part.
    I just ask, so i need to know if to look for this time for other plugin, or not.

    Please let me know

    Plugin Contributor eugenandrei


    Hi Karim,

    Those tags don’t really exist. You can refer to this article, to get a full list of supported replacement tags. Let me know if this fixes it.

    Hello Andrei,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Those tags are set as example below the textarea in the widget. It says as wxample: We’re closed until {next-day} at {next-time}

    Anyways, i set friday (as test) to be closed. So now i use this line in the CLOSED NOTE: We zijn gesloten tot {next-opening-timeframe}
    I also tried: We zijn gesloten tot {next-opening-day} {next-opening-time}

    So now it should say (translated) We are closed until saturday 9 am.

    But still it only shows “we zijn geopend” which is the normal text i have in the OPEN NOTE.

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    If you want i can send you my login info, so you see yourself?

    Plugin Contributor eugenandrei


    Hey Karim,

    I just pushed a hotfix for this issue you’re seeing. Would you mind updating to the latest version, setting up your schedule again (in the customizer) and try to add the current status again ?

    Nice, really nice! I’ll await till i see the update option and will do like you said.

    I’ll keep you updated.


    I am sorry, but still the same. I emptied the table and refilled it with the opening times.I have Friday set as closed.

    Then i have this filled in the Open Note:
    We zijn geopend {today-timeframe}

    And this in the Closed Note:
    We zijn gesloten tot {next-opening-day} {next-opening-time}

    And it still shows this:
    “We zijn geopend”

    Hello Andrei,

    For now i had to remove the widget from header, cause customer is seeing the result. Thats why you no longer see it on the link i sent earlier.

    Still hope you will fix the Closed Note issue. Am sure many will enjoy your plugin then.


    Plugin Contributor eugenandrei



    I just rolled out another update. Would you mind letting me know if you’re still seeing this issue?

    This is still an issue, having the same problems as explained in my other post.

    Plugin Contributor eugenandrei


    Hi Everyone,

    I just pushed an update (1.0.4) that should fix this issue. Please let me know if you’re still seeing weird stuff.

    Plugin Contributor eugenandrei


    Marking this as resolved as this was fixed in the latest update – let me know if you’re still seeing this issue.

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