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  • First I would like to say I have used wordpress-mu on and off for many years and have found the forums very helpful and really do appreciate the hard work the mods do.

    I have 2 WordPress-mu domains and plan on adding three more witch will create thousands of sites. I recommend and promote WordPress-mu every chance I get but the truth is I am a lazy content creator and really have no interest in auto content or spinners. This is the reason I came to wordpress_mu in the first place.

    Blog networking is the reason why many if not most web masters use wordpress-mu. Witch is why so many people end up here trying to stop it. It has been part of wordpress since it’s start. It is only a problem for some but not all web masters. I encourage the opportunity to add my links to some one else’s content that is under my control. If you have any doubt in my words than feel free to out google rank a WordPress-mu site That has become full in such a way.

    Now finally to my problem. I posted in the forums that I was looking for sites that feel the same way as me and offered my site to those who wished to be part of a network. The post was closed and the link was removed. This really Isn’t a problem for me because I am resourceful.

    The real problem as far as I can see is sorta like pot. We spend billions fighting it. When in reality it needs to be embraced. Okay settle down and continue reading. Some times trying to stop some thing makes the problem worse. Let’s face it only so many people will smoke pot on a regular bases so why not have them contribute instead of being a drain on the rest of us. Take for an example I am way to much of a control freak to to be a pot head and for many reasons most people have a reason why they never will be a pot head.

    Witch brings me back to these forums. Perhaps drawing a line in the sand isn’t the best approach. If I was a code writer I would make a add on that helped people inter link there sites increasing wordpresses position in the market place. I’m not talking about ping backs I’m talking about content creation with trusted web masters. Such a plug in could make it’s own rules that all would have to follow or risk being removed from the network. In a similar approach you could create a section in your forums that accepts that net working is a natural part of wordpress-mu.

    ps now you see why I am a lazy content creator

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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