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    I am just posting this as a suggested improvement in a hopeful way. I have searched and think from what I have found it isn’t possible to put closed days for an event that is running over a number of days, where you don’t want to put each stretch as a separate event.

    I am using The Events Calendar plugin on a website for an art gallery where the only events are at that one venue. The gallery is open every day except Monday. So ideally on the calendar view every Monday would say closed and not show anything else. We have a mixture of one-off events taking place all day or for a few hours and exhibitions that run for a month or more. The one-off events all work with the way to enter events. But the exhibitions are showing on the closed day, because they are entered as all day events with a start date and an end date.

    As a work around I’ve made the default view for all events as the list view and on each event I include in the excerpt and the description the opening times and closed day. But it would be ‘nicer’ if the calendar fitted. I am mentioning as there must be others who have galleries or longer running events that have a similar issue of days on and not on within the overall event. It might not even be that the place is closed all day there might also be a situation of closed for half a day, eg every Wednesday afternoon. I have no idea how you would do it technically, I imagine it would need something adding in the start and end date section that would allow you to perhaps select open and closed days of the week by check box. As I am writing that I can see it is not at all straight forward, so I don’t have any great expectations.

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  • Hi @karenyoung1,

    Thanks for dropping by to share your feedback and suggestions–it’s much appreciated!

    It sounds like you’ve got a really interesting idea here, and I’d love to see that the rest of our team and our userbase is able to weigh in on it. If you’d like to formally propose this feature addition for a future product update, I encourage you to make a post on our feature request forum, where we gather feedback from our community. And, when you do, it would be great if you could add as much detail as possible so we have a solid idea of how the feature would work and so others can vote on it as well.

    Thank you, and let us know if you should have any other questions!

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    Thanks Caroline

    I posted here in the off chance that I had missed something and this wasn’t a proposal of new feature. I’ll edit my post and expand on detail and put it in the feature request forum as you suggest.



    That is a very cool idea. I don’t believe I have seen it before. Thank you for sharing it Karen.

    – Brook

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