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    Closed caption subtitles don’t work in the pro version, tried .srt files, .vtt files, i made them manually, and they work everywhere except with this plugin.

    Also, another question, if this plugin supports only MP4, it means it supports only .srt files, but, is even written that supports .vtt, so it means it supports Webn video files, is it correct?.

    Anyway, i found even some bugs and some problems with this plugin PRO VERSION –

    1) The download function, will download the video file only if is not specified a quality, or there are no captions (subtitles), or even a thumbnail, if there are, it will download a .htm file, that it connects to the website, and to that specific page to watch the video. So, if the owner deletes that page, you can’t watch the video anymore, also, you need an internet connection to watch it…

    Useless function…

    2) Captions not working at all, tried .VTT .SRT , everything. Also, if you don’t specify a “quality” the “Closed Caption CC” button won’t appear, so, you need to specify a quality of video, Which, if you write anything more than 2, will give default results of 720/480 , even if your video quality isn’t that one, and the video is the same… , and, since you specify quality video, the download option becomes useless..

    3) If you use the classic editor plugin, this plugin doesn’t work at all, so, you need to stick to gutenberg blocks to work (and is an hassle)

    4) No VAST ADS , no popups and crap for monetization, can’t find any option.

    I found out even more problems after 1 hour of using this plugin, will gladly share here if i have an answer, thanks.

    Asking for assitence

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    Another problem found, and this one is a big one.
    If you uninstall this plugin, without deactivating the license first.. You can’t deactivate the license anymore, so, if you reinstall it, and try to use the license (with other host), it will say “license already used”. The problem is, that only on the plugin you can deactivate the license, not on the BPplugins website.. dafuq?.

    Plugin Author shehabulislam


    Hi @vincenzocefariello,

    1) we fixed the caption and download issue

    2) this player only supports the .vtt file. here is a demo https://wpvideoplayer.com/demo/demo-13-video-with-subtitle/

    would you please send your video to support@bplugins.com so we can check the captioning problem?

    3) we have both editors (Gutenberg and Classic). you can enable/disable it from settings.

    4) it was only on the classic editor, now added on Gutenberg also.

    Thank you

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