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    Guten Tag!

    Highlander code
    After a bit of searching on the plugins page I found out that the animal-highlander code will automatically close one open accordion when clicking another. What about renaming the highlander (cool name btw) with autoclose. More logical..:)

    Page jumping
    When an open accordion contains a lot of text, clicking another accordion the page will be far below the opening of the text in the new accordion. On autoclose the accordion should automatically jump to the beginning text of the newly opened accordion.

    O here is another thing..:)
    Style area. What about adding a custom style box into the settings?

    Spelling mistakes inside settings (actually spelling mistakes is a way to give it some more attention):
    Change to
    lighter backgrounds (n in the wrong place)
    Coming soon (remove one m)

    How is the Pro version coming along? Can I beta test it?

    Greetings from Oslo, Norway!


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  • Plugin Author Baden



    This is one fantastic feedback list! Thank you. Here is our response item by item:

    1. Highlander—we assume you have checked out the documentation and the highlander grouping examples. We will consider adding an ‘autoclose’ class that will force the expand to collapse when any other expand is open. Good idea.
    2. Page Jumping—check out the findme attribute. This has been improved in version 1.5.2a so you will want to download this version from the plugin oven.
    3. Custom Style Box—So an area where users can add custom css in the options page? This will be part of the 1.5.2 release… again great idea.
    4. Spelling Mistakes—Oops! Long nights, now fixed.
    5. Pro Version we hope to release in the next week or two. If you want to beta test, please send an email to info (at) twinpictures (dot) de and we will take care of you.

    Let us know if you get everything working!

    Hey Baden!

    Great to feel your appreciation!

    Right by the Custom style box there should be a style help link leading to your web page showing various css suggestions on code to use.

    Next to Settings tab the Style/Design tab could be located.
    Containing options for which icons to use for open and close and a way to upload your own or link to your own icons. Placement of the icons, left of text, right of text, center of page, right of page. And turn off icons.
    Most used options area.
    Then the custom style box area.

    O one more thing.
    Horizontal OR vertical accordions. Could also be added.

    Guten Nacht!


    Plugin Author Baden


    Let’s pick this up with the pro version… we have received your email and will contact you when the beta is ready for testing.

    Thank you Joachim!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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