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  • In my never-ending quest for a good column plugin, this one is fairly decent, but there’s some glaring issues that keep me from deploying it to non-tech-savvy site owners and content people.

    1. Needs way more automatic layouts, including non-symmetrical (example: 1/3-2/3), up to 6 cells. Trying to create 5+ equal cells is an enormous chore.
    2. The settings needs to accept percentage as main container width.
    3. When columns are inserted to the page, they’re invisible, clicking around to find where the cursor can be placed is problematic. Adding a background color to .csColumn in the editor would be one potential way to solve that.
    4. The page pretty much breaks when a user tries to add something to their page AFTER the columns. Putting the cursor at the end of the last column and hitting [enter] should do this, but no. This means there’s a practical limitation of 1) columns must be at the end of other content or 2) columns must be the last thing added to a page of existing content.

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