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  • New Review:

    I found a bug pretty soon after installing this plugin and decided it wasn’t worth it, but after posting a review, the developer quickly fixed the bug and I haven’t yet run into any other problems.

    Some documentation on how this plugin differs from standard markdown would be helpful, but I am very pleased as it is.

    Thanks so much!

    Old Review:
    Many basic things work ok, but the corner cases are not handled properly. For example:

    images as links:

    [![Adobe Bucks][2]][1]


    very difficult/impossible to embed raw html into a page

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  • Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Hi zdwiel,

    The above works fine for me – with the exception that the image url doesn’t point to an image.

    Also, embedding HTML should be fairly easy. Typically the plug-in converts this to MarkDown when it appears in the editor, but if you can contain it all within a <div> which prevents the HTML being converted to MarkDown. (If you mean displaying HTML code, then of course you need to inser this on its own line, and indented by at least 4).

    But there are rough edges – mainly to do with conflicts introduced by WordPress’ use of closed brackets in shortcodes. You may find that when wrapping content in a shortcode (e.g. when inserting an image) you need to have the opening and closing shortcode on their own line.

    If you come across any issues, feel free to open a thread 🙂

    That is weird. When I enter the above, it works in the preview below the edit window, but if I click save, it renumbers everything and removes the image.

    Is there documentation somewhere? What I was trying to do is include raw HTML to be included in the page and interpreted by the browser as HTML, not displayed to the user as text.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    No, you’re right. The problem occurs after saving the post. It’ll be due to the HTML -> MarkDown converter. Have opened a ticket:

    There’s no documentation, HTML should be left untouched by the MarkDown-> HTML converter (when it is saved to the database). When its converted back to MarkDown when editing, the HTML may or may not be converted to MarkDown (depending on what the HTML actually is). Can you pastbin an example of HTML you’re trying to include?

    Heres a pastebin of the problem. I was trying to work around issue #12.

    In retrospect they appear to both probably a similar problem, linked images in the MarkDown -> HTML converter. Though in this case it perhaps the problem is in an HTML -> MarkDown converter.

    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    This should be fixed on GitHub, see:

    I won’t push it here yet so as to check for any bugs that may have crept it. If you could test it out as well, that would be awesome :).

    Any comments please post them on the issue page. Thanks!

    Just tested it and works great! Thanks for the quick response. I should have posted in the support forums before this rating. 5 stars

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