• …it hides a featured image from a post ONLY while keeping it in lists. That’s very important because if the image is used to create a thumbnail within project/portfolio lists/masonry views, the image won’t be missing from there (which unfortunately is what happens with other plugins such as “Zi Hide Featured Image” by Zen Invader).

    That said though it defeats the purpose because the full space where the image and often page title are shown will remain there and since most themes are built to show a placeholder rather than keeping the area empty of collapse it (with a display:none for instance), then you’d be left with a missing featured image at the top of the post which will now show a placeholder with the title page over it. This happens with the theme Bauhaus by Highsea, but also with other themes when using a classic page mode which means a standard WP page where images and text can be added in the “usual” way.

    I’d suggest to improve by making the hide on single post to also have an option to collapse the featured image area on that very same post.

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