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  • I have to create an another custom admin interface for a group of users (with their own fields in post form, their own elements in the admin menu, etc…). By the way, I keep the original admin interface for the group of administrators.


    First of all, I cloned the [wp-admin] folder and renamed it [wp-adminCQPS], replaced all “/wp-admin/” by “/wp-adminCQPS” in all files (in [wp-adminCQPS] folder) and replaced the admin.css by an another one.

    The navigation in [wp-adminCQPS] works fine. I can insert posts, pages and change options. But, some functions didnt work. On the two previous screens, the original [wp-admin] can display all posts stored in the database and the other one [wp-adminCQPS] can’t. I tried to display some “template tags” in [wp-adminCQPS] and didnt work. So, “template tags” work only in [wp-admin] and [wp-content]. Can I force “template tags” working other than those two folders: [wp-admin] and [wp-content]? And how?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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