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  • It seems like there can be times when the pointers to BeaverBuilder modules gets corrupted if duplicated with Duplicate Post. I have noticed times when a module is selected and then inserted into a page, but the module that was selected is not the one that actually gets inserted.

    Here is a screencast of the issue: Screencast of BeaverBuilder — Duplicate Post issue

    BeaverBuilder has replicated the problem and here is their reply:

    Hey Norm,

    Sure enough, I was able to recreate the issue on my local install using the Duplicate Posts plugin via the Clone link within the templates page, and the same issue occurs even on regular templates. It seems like the cloned template takes over the existing template when applied to a page. Weirdly enough, visiting the actual page template works fine. By the way, I published the test page you were working on but set it to Private so only logged in users can see it.

    I then tried duplicating the template manually and it works just fine, i.e., I simply applied the global module to a page and duplicated it. The duplicated instance is a standard module, not a global template. I then modified the contents so it’s easily recognizable, saved it as a template and it works just fine when applied to a page.

    It most likely has to do with how the Duplicate Posts plugin is duplicating the post.

    BeaverBuilder is willing to help out if needed to resolve this issue.

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  • Plugin Author Lopo


    Hi @normsash,
    sorry for the delay!

    I’ll keep in touch with the Beaver Builder team to find out what’s happening.
    Just a question: are we talking about the paid version of Beaver Builder, or the free one?

    Thanks for reporting the issue, I’ll let you know!

    Thanks for the reply @lopo. I’m using the paid (agency) version of BeaverBuilder. You can contact Ben Carlo at BeaverBuilder as he is familiar with the issue and has been able to replicate it.

    Hey @lopo,

    I’m part of Beaver Builder’s support team. Our templates feature is only available on our premium versions. Can you shoot us a note via hello [at] wpbeaverbuilder [dot] com and we’ll take it from there? 🙂


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    Hi @lopo… have you been able to reach out to @hinampaksh with BeaverBuilder to work on this issue?

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