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    We’ve noticed an issue on our website that when you clone content, WordPress doesn’t appending a -2 to the cloned post. We understand something needs to be appended because two posts cannot have the same URL, it is wildly confusing that it’s the original post that gets this edit.

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    Hello There,
    Can any one of you look into the above issue and help me in solving that.

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    Hi @tmounica,
    can you look at the Slug checkbox under SettingsDuplicate Post, tab “What to copy”? If it’s ticked, can you untick it, then save the options and try again?

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    Thanks for the reply @enrico Battocchi

    I tried doing that but there is no luck. I have enabled duplicate post option for pages, posts and events. After cloning any of these pages/posts in the permalink section it’s not adding -2. It just showing the cloned post URL. By this 2 posts/pages are having same URL.

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    That is definitely strange as it should be a WordPress default that it would add the -2 to the URL. I just tested it out right now and it is adding the -2 as expected.

    If you were to make slight changes to the cloned post (so you can see the differences), and then tried to view both the original and cloned post (at the same URL), are both of them loading the expected content under the same URL?

    Could you check if there’s anything unique in your WordPress setup that could have disabled the adding of the -2 for a duplicate slug or URL?

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    Hi @mikes41720 Thanks for the reply,

    What I observed is if I’m cloning any post -2 is adding. But when I’m changing permalink and then clone that post then -2 is not adding.

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    Can you please let us know which in which permalink setting mode are you trying to clone the post? This would help us replicate the issue.

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    Hi @suascat_wp
    Is there any update on my issue? Are those screenshots enough to understand my issue?

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    Hi @tmounica,

    The settings in the screenshot appear to be correct, so we’ll need to gather more information.

    Can do a test to see if this still happens if you deactivate all plugins except for Duplicate Post and switch to a standard theme like Twenty Nineteen

    We recommend doing this on a staging site or using the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin.

    We have a step-by-step guide here: How to check for plugin conflicts.

    I have the same issue, with a slight variation, it seems. When I use the clone function, the


    page gets a modified URL, with the -2 on the slug, and the cloned page “steals” the slug of the original page. This of course causes issues, including SEO issues of the kind that Yoast is designed to solve.

    Using the new draft function, things work properly: the new draft gets the -2 marker on the slug.

    The “fix” suggested above, unselecting the “slug” checkbox in settings, is a workaround, it seems to me, not really a fix.

    Please fix.

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    Hi @ln-cwm,
    can you confirm that disabling the “Slug” option fixes the issue?

    This is not a workaround: copying the slug is something that you want to do only on special cases, and it’s disabled by default since version 3.2.2 of Duplicate Post for this reason.
    Disabling the option usually fixes similar issues, but there might be some problems when some other plugin is dealing with slugs (for example using custom fields, copied by default, to store alternative slugs).

    Let us know, and happy holidays!

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