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    I want to set up a multisite network with all sites being an exact clone of the main website except for the emailaddress where the data of the contact forms are being sent on each site.

    My first question/problem however is when I make a clone, this is completely messy! The pictures on the home page aren’t there (they are the standard ones of the theme), a lot of theme settings haven’t been copied and are set to the standard of the theme, on the pages custom css hasn’t been copied, the widget on the right sidebar isn’t there,…

    Here is the link to the main site:
    And here to the cloned site:

    Could you tell what’s going on?? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    And a second question: Of each clone I will need to change the emailaddresses whereto the form data on the pages is being sent. Is there a feature on the pro version that could make this quick and easy?
    (ie. searching through the clone to and let every emailaddress be replaced by another?)

    Thanks a lot in advanve!!

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    Hi, thanks for using the Cloner, and reaching out with your questions. Something is definitely wrong because that scenario should be working correctly (without the mess). Can you send us the logs from when you ran the Cloner? You can find them in the plugin directory under /logs, and you can send them to us here:
    We’ll take a look and see what’s going on.

    For your second question, yes – the Pro version has a global search and replace function. When enabled, you get up to three search terms that map to 3 replacement terms. You would put the email address from the main site in the search term and the email address you want to change it to in the replace term. Then, when it runs the cloning, it will create the new site, copy over all the data, then run the replacement throughout the entire site at the database level to update the email address.

    But let’s make sure we figure out what is going on in your environment. Sometimes there are quirks with certain themes or other conditions we haven’t run into before.


    I have sent the log file!

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    We just released an update that should fix this issue and other UTF-8 / DB charset issues (probably only impacted some non-English sites). Thanks!

    Thank you!

    The result is already a lot better, but there is still something wrong:
    – When you go to the cloned site ( and you go to one of the pages through clicking on the featured images, you go to the page of the main site! When you do this through the top menu however you do go to the right link.
    – On the pages, the image on the right hasn’t been copied, though the other images seem ok (only the links of the images point to pages of the main site).

    I will sent you the log file again.


    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Ok, thanks – logs will certainly help. We might also have a lead on what is going on and will keep digging. What theme are you using? Thanks!

    Hi, I’m using the parabola theme.

    Thanks in advance.

    Works perfectly now, thanks!

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Fantastic thanks for letting us know!

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