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Cloned a website, all pages load except for homepage!

  • Sorry in advance as I am very much so a WordPress n00b, but learn quickly (I think).

    My wife has a site [Link to potentially hacked site removed]. She is helping a friend set up a website, and being that she is very familiar with the template and how to set up things easily she requested that I copy everything to the new website http://www.rubysplacepreschool.com

    I used XClone plugin to create a backup of kukisplayshop.com and reloaded onto rubysplacepreschool.com. Everything seemed to transfer over perfectly. I then used a search and replace plugin to ensure that all mentions of kukisplayshop.com in the php or other html files were changed to rubysplacepreschool.com

    All pages now load perfectly, all except the home page. I duplicated the home page, and called it home2, and if I type in rubysplacepreschool.com/home2 it load perfectly. However, as soon as I set this as the static homepage, and type in rubysplacepreschool.com all i get is a blank page.

    Any idea of what this issue is?

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