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  1. mohsinleo05
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hello Everyone. I hope anyone will help me here.

    My website is running in a subdirectory (with redirection), which is http://www.ultrainfoz.com/mainsite

    I wanted to run the website back from home directory http://www.ultrainfoz.com/

    I tried to clone the website on the same server by WordPress cloning installation feature (Softaculous app installer) on the home directory. After that, I tried to login into the cloned website WordPress admin page (without the /mainsite), it didn't accepted the login credentials.

    I thought to delete the clone installation from the Softaculous app installer as it was not letting me login but there is no information regarding the clone installation except the original WordPress installation (with mainsite). I deleted the files of the clone website from the home directory and also the MySQL data base but the cloned website isn't just going away, both are working simultaneously.

    Moreover, I have checked by sending my website links to friends living in US and Australia, they can't open the website and I can. Thats something weird going on.

    I want to shift my website safely to the homedirectory without getting broken links to any previous posts of my website in Google.

    I am not good in codes and dont have super knowledge about this stuff so kindly help me.


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