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  • Hi, I am using this plugin and it has made my life easy to some extent. Thanks for this plugin.

    The problem I am facing is, I have to clone like 10-15 posts, so from the front end it only gives option “Copy to new Draft”… with this option, I have to click 15 times to clone and then 15 times to click “Publish”, then I have to go back to original post, click “Edit” and then click “Move to trash”. So for cloning and deleting 15 posts, I have to click more than 60 times and 15 more times to close the browsers..

    I would suggest to have a button on the front end like “Clone and Delete Original” OR if there is a TEXTAREA on the backend where I can paste bulk urls and click “Clone” with a checkbox saying “Delete original post ?”.

    It will save a hell of time and life. Thanks once again for your work.


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  • Plugin Author Lopo


    Hi @maxell_wp,
    why are you using the front-end link?
    You could just go to the post list in the backend, select the checkbox for all the posts you want to clone, then choose Clone in the Bulk Action menu (see point 2 here), and finally select the originals you want to delete and choose Move to Trash in the same Bulk Actions menu.
    Could it be a handy solution for you?
    I will think about adding a Clone + Delete original feature, but I’m afraid it’s a bit too “strange” as option, and it would be possible to be added hooking a function to the actions provided by the plugin’s code.
    Let me know

    Hi @lopo,

    Thanks for your reply. The problem is I have more than 2000+ posts, I cannot find all required posts on 1 page to select and bulk clone, with your suggestion it get more worst as I have to search each post then click CLONE and then delete original.

    With Bulk Clone and Delete option (where we post e.g. 50 posts or more), it would be helpful to get rid of old posts and keep new with new url (slug) and save time for cloning individual posts and then deleting them.

    PS: on a side note, if I want to customize the code which automatically deletes original post and instead of Draft it should actually create clone. Which files/code should I modify.

    thanks again for your help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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