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  • This plugin stores all of the email log in to the database and then makes it to loop through all of them as one is added this caused my hosting 4 core CPU to run out and make all of the server go down.

    Do not use it unless you send one or 2 email a month i had 31k in my log.

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  • Plugin Author Sudar Muthu


    Hello @milvydas,

    Sorry to know that the amount of email logs caused issue in your server.

    We have to log the emails in the database for us to show which email was sent. It is also used as an audit trail to know which email was sent when etc.

    But if you don’t require all the email all the time then you can delete all the email logs (or selected email logs) if you don’t want them. We also provide a pro add-ons that automatically deletes the email logs after a time period like a month or export the email logs for audit purpose before deleting them.

    More over we make sure that when email logs are stored in a seperate db table (thus not affecting performance of wp_posts table) and also when email logs are viewed we use pagination to retrieve only the logs that are needed and thus reducing the amount of load on the server.

    The amount of emails that are logged are also show in the Admin Dashboard in a widget, so that site admins can take a look at them if the number increases.

    Anyways thanks for the feedback and we will add settings that can remind the site admin that the email logs table is growing in the next release.

    If you have any feedback on making it more obvious that our Email Log plugin will store all the emails that it logs in the DB, then let us know and we will do our best to make it more obvious.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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