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  • Hi All,

    I have a client that wants to share large files with his customers using a secure login form for the customer.

    I had two thoughts on how to do this:
    1. Set up an account with DropBox or the like and integrate it with website
    2. Somehow have the client host the files on his personal server, and have them display in a password protected page.

    The problems (on the basis that I have never done either)!
    1. Do any file sharing type website easily integrate with website (I’m even thinking iFrame)?
    2. I just have no idea about this one. Can files on his server (he has a fixed IP) be displayed on a wordpress page? His actual website is hosted on my servers, and it wouldn’t be economical to host his big files.

    Any ideas?

    Answers on a postcard 😉

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  • If you need to enforce permissions on the files, you can’t list them directly: you need to wrap them somehow with PHP (e.g. via a WordPress page). But if your files are large, you will blow some fuses if your PHP memory isn’t set to a high enough amount. If you’re on a shared host, then you’ll almost certainly encounter this limitation with files larger than 10 or 15 megabytes, so you’d require a server that had beefier stats, e.g. a dedicated VPS.

    DropBox is simple and it may solve your problem for allowing a special group of folks to have access to a list of files, but it’s not suitable if you need to have more granular control over who gets to see what.

    Another awesome one is, which might do a little bit more for you than some of the other ones out there.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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