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  • I built a site for a client that allows them to sell artists pieces and artwork to furniture stores and architects. The artists email a picture of the art work, their info, pricing, and description of the art work to the client and then the client in turn goes ahead and takes all the info from that client and inputs it manually into their inventory page. They are getting pretty busy and want to now have it where the artists inputs their info and it goes directly to the website, instead of having it go to their email and they have to upload it manually. Is there such a plugin that could do this? They are willing to pay for it, so we can look beyond a free plugin.

    I would give you the url of the site but the inventory page is password protected and they do not want to give that out as only they show their clients the inventory.

    I could set it up as a shopping cart I guess but is there such a shopping cart where the artist uploads the item they are selling? Also the client would have to be able to go in and change prices and hide certain info from the front end of the site.

    Right now the plug in for the inventory page that I am using is Inventory Manager, it works great for what they need but I need the artists to be able to upload the info directly to the site.


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