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  • Hey, is it possible to somehow create passworded galleries so photographers can post their clients photo’s and allow them to access them via a user name and password?

    I am currently designing a wordpress site for a family member who is a photographer. She would like a client login system in which she can post her clients photos and they can access 24/7, although I cannot seem to find a wordpress system or plugin that will do this.

    Does anyone know of any? Is this even possible? Doubt I’m the first person to enquire about this, many other “DIY” website packages include this..


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  • Anyone?

    I’m also looking for something like that but i have not found anything.

    Have you found anything?

    No, have you? Or is there a system for passworded access to certain pages?

    Well, i found one solution. Maybe not the best but i keep it in wordpress..

    First i installed the plugin “Members”. Then i made it possible for everyone to sign up to the blog. When they signed up i choosed in the members plugin that new people are pending with no access to special pages.

    In my case there are different companys that will sign up so that they can write requests and order different stuff. So i created a page that i called login and that every company can see when logged in. I defined the settings in members. At the page wich every logged in user can see, a created a list of companys, and there respective pages. And in member changed the access to them so that the right person got access to them.

    This is one way of doing it. It’s a bit manual (or very) but it works for me.

    try it out!

    Well dynamitharry, that’s a workaround. Not a real sollution.

    Anyone having some new plugin that works for this problem?

    I really like to know if there is.


    Hmmm I think I just found the sollution in zenphoto.

    Hmmmm sorry not a real wordpress sollution afterall.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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