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    Getting the following error when trying to authorize Salesforce.


    Not sure why this is happening. Please advise!

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    Plugin Contributor Jonathan Stegall


    No, you don’t have to use constants (although you can). The only time I’ve seen this error, other than during the first few minutes, is when the Consumer Key in WordPress doesn’t match the value in Salesforce.

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    thanks jonathan! ended up fixing the issue; however, i have come across another.

    (fyi: my website does use woocommerce but i don’t need to sync any woocommerce data. my main concern is syncing contact info…)

    i have set up the plugin, authorized the connection and created the appropriate fieldmaps necessary to sync wordpress users with salesforce contacts); however, i’m not seeing any data pulled from salesforce (no new users have been created on wordpress since finishing the fieldmap setup, scheduling, and log settings setup.) in regards to the fieldmap setup, i have the “date field to trigger pull” set to “last modified date.”

    1. if there is no modification to a salesforce user, will the plugin pull salesforce data on its own or do i need to change the date field to trigger pull? if so, what do you suggest i change the “date field to trigger pull” to? if not, what am i missing?

    2.) i read this plugin by default does not act on data that exists in either WordPress or Salesforce before the plugin is installed… if i’m trying to mass sync all my salesforce contacts to create new wordpress users, do you have a suggested workaround? i have contacts already created in salesforce that i am trying to add to wordpress without manually having to connect hundreds of wordpress users with their salesforce id?
    3.) finally, must i need to set up specific hooks because i am working with woocommerce?

    i feel close to closing the loop, but this plugin is super robust and i’m afraid i am much farther away than i actually feel.

    please let me know.

    Plugin Contributor Jonathan Stegall


    Sorry for delayed response here. Your last question is definitely bigger than this particular issue, so I’m going to mark this one as resolved and you can start a new one if applicable. But I can try to give a start of an answer.

    1. If there is no modification to a record, the plugin won’t pull data at all. I would suggest that you create an unused field, maybe, and modify that value. Increment a number or something like that.
    2. There is some documentation about how to import pre-existing data for use by this plugin. You can read that on GitHub. Maybe you could combine it with the unused field in #1.
    3. If it’s not Woocommerce data, you shouldn’t have to use any specific hooks. That kind of thing can come up if you’re trying to work with Woocommerce objects like customers, orders, products, etc.

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