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  • We’ve all seen the WordPress app for the iPhone, but how about a build for what is probably the next best thing – the T-Mobile G1? It’s built on the open source Android OS and would be a terrific way to get WordPress exposure as the Android Market grows.

    I got the phone today — it’s probably not an iPhone ‘killer’, but it’s going to get a lot of attention. Would love to have a quick way to work on my blog.

    T-Mobile sold 1M+ of these in presale alone!

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  • ya would love a WordPress App for the Android also…

    have you had any problems with your G1 mine crashed within the first 3 minutes of me using it I went to open the camera app to take a picture to see the quality of picture and damn phone froze and had to restart by taking battery out.

    oh and sorry gotta say while yes Android is a good OS and has alot of features the phone is extremely ugly in design 🙂

    there are now approaching 100 apps for android OS. why does WordPress support iPhone only? this is a revolutionary OS!

    Cannot wait for a wordpress app for Android. I used to have one for my Windows Mobile phone and miss posting while out and about.

    Android rocks on the G1. Coming from Windows Mobile on a T-Mobile Dash, I can’t believe how well this new OS runs. Sweet! We really do need a good WordPress client, though. I tried the wpToGo app, but it keeps crashing and doesn’t offer anything except the bare basics. I am using the browser to get to my dashboard now, but I would love to have something far less data-intensive.

    Please, guys…We know you’d make it rock!

    I would love a full fledged wp Android app that is similar to the iPhone experience. I wrote wpToGo to get by in the meantime 🙂

    gardenwife, if you don’t mind can you please provide the steps to reproduce the application crashing? Maybe I can help get it working for you. Seems that it works for most but not all 😀 Is it a wordpress standalone install? Which version?


    I have a g1 and a wordpress blog. Every time I try to post something, the program crashes.


    I have to ask the obvious question: why do you need a specific app for WordPress? The G1 has 3G and wi-fi, a great browser and the WordPress admin works beautifully. No missing features, no crashy app…

    Why fill up more space on your phone with a clunky app when you can do everything you need to do via a browser?

    get a real phone … an iPhone 😀

    There is an app for the G1 – it’s called wpToGo

    @mores, typical iPhone fanboy. 😛

    nah, just admirer of great devices, whether they’re from Apple or another producer. Just not fond of HTC devices, and the G1 is one. Actually, I am still using a SonyEricsson P1i running Symbian UIQ, which is doomed since it’s not being developed anymore.

    I have an Android, and use PostBot. It works great, supports multiple blogs, and you can attach photos as well. Here’s a link to the developers blog –

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