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  • I have a client who insists on never taking down a site that is up. Figures any traffic is good traffic. His main/original site does well with Google search rankings. He has s couple of other sites which contain some content from the main site, but on different URLS. Think:, then: and, you get the idea…

    Recently he’s build a WordPress site on yet another URL and low and behold does not search well at all. Would it be safe to say he is diluting his search results by have too many sites up with similar content? I think I already know the answer…

    His argument is that he was once burned when a supposed hi-end redesign virtually killed his business by wiping out his Google search results overnight. Yes, I’d be paranoid as well… Still, rebuilding his original site with WordPress should not kill his SEO if done right, correct? How do I get him to move on from this outdated model?
    Sorry for the long post….:)

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  • Well, actually the best way to stabilize search engine traffic is to write unique ( really unique/personal ) content and offer value, good user interface to customers.

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