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  • Hi there! I have spent some time developing a rather useful plugin for a client, but that client has since abandoned the project due to personal issues.

    I did not receive any payment for my work, but I am however left with a plugin that others might find useful. I would even consider selling this plugin for a small fee if the demand is there.

    The plugin basically implements a shortcode you can slap into any page/post, and the shortcode provides an AJAX search engine powered by Bing API, primarily built for generating leads (locating new prospects) for your business. All you do is input a search phrase, and the tool will return websites matching your phrase, with one unique catch. It only returns websites which match a list of “footprints” configured via the plugin options. So we can configure the plugin to only return WordPress blogs in our search results. Or you might want to return only WordPress blogs and phpBB forums, which you are able to do by customizing the footprints list. One of the common footprints we use for detecting a WordPress blog is simply “powered by WordPress”. Similarly, detecting a Joomla website we use “powered by Joomla”. Of course other frameworks do not have these simple footprints, and some people remove these footprints from their websites.

    I believe this plugin is like a watered down version of ScrapeBox though I have never used it.

    If you have an idea that would make this plugin useful or marketable please let me know! Thanks.

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