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    Since switching over to the Clicky Analytics tracking plugin (since Yoast stopped supporting), we noticed we have completely lost goals tracking. Clicky says this is a function related to the plugin, how do we enable goals tracking in this plugin?

    Also noticed the plugin hasn’t been updated for 7 months, hopefully this is not another abndonment situation like yoast.

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  • Anyone home?

    Wow, total lack of support here it looks like. Was using this plugin on 53 websites, I guess we need to find a replacement.

    I hope others out there see this and realize not to use or support plugins like this where the developer abandons ship.

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    Standard Goals are setup on your clicky account, so your question is unrelated to the plugin support.

    Here’s the official support page for goals

    Also, without knowing the type of goals you’re referring too, there is no much support to be given. In the future it would be wise to post details on your following posts instead of throwing useless posts, one after another (no offense).

    Here is the deal:

    I was using the clicky plugin by yoast, goals were working just fine. Switched to this plugin, and goals tracking stopped showing. I talked to clicky support about it, and they suggested it was something related to your plugin. So it’s not that I’m throwing useless info out there, I’m just not very tech savvy as to understand what needs to be fixed.

    Simple question though, at least to me – why would it work on one plugin vs the other – seems to me the answer is something I need from support here.

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu


    First thing first, what type of goals are we talking about? As said, standard goals are setup on your clicky account. Giving an example should be enough.

    I really don’t follow your question.

    In clicky backend, I click “goals” setup – add the url I want to track when clicked (In my case it’s /visit/ whatever the url is or /go/ or whatever, you get it).

    These links tracked when using the yoast plugin, upon the switch, they stopped displaying.

    I’ll copy below my reply from clicky support:

    “Ah, the plugin is definitely it. The Yoast plugin had an option to track redirect links so you had probably set that up. I’m not sure if the other plugin supports it or not but look in the config section for the plugin to see. The feature is officially called “oubound pattern” –

    If anything you should be able to manually add that bit of code into your WP’s theme. Although you have so many sites it may be a real pain to do that.”

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu


    Hi again,

    What the support team said makes things clear, the issue is generated by the outbound pattern tracking, not by the goals.

    As the support team said, there must be a plugin option to define the pattern, since there isn’t one, the feature is not yet supported.

    Basically the goals are working just fine, but the plugin doesn’t have the capability to define patterns for these types of goals to be triggered.

    I’ll add it to my to do list and will be implemented in the following release.

    That would awesome if you added it Alin! May I ask, do you have any idea how long that will take?

    Here is my problem, it took many hours to convert the plugin to yours on 100+ sites, and then it also causes the problem that I pay around $50 monthly for clicky largely just to have the goals tracking.

    I’m not trying to rush you, because I certainly appreciate what you are doing – I’d even make a donation if it helps, I’m just trying to figure out if I need to invest the time switching all the sites back over.

    For perspective, I could wait a few weeks if needed – more than that, I need to find a solution. Thanks for all your help btw!

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    Update and give it a try. If you have issues please open a new topic.

    Amazing! Fast! I’ll have to wait at least a few hours to see if goals show up, but I’m suspecting they will and thank you so much for the fast attention.

    I updated everything, gave it a day, and no goals showing up still. Is there a setting or anything I need to change beyond just updating the plugin?

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    Have you added the link pattern, in your case /visit/, on plugin’s settings page?

    Make sure you clear any page cache if you use a cache plugin and using a browser window in Incognito/Private mode you can test it right away by clicking the desired link.

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    Sorry I missed that, did that and now it’s working beautifully – thanks again!

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