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[Resolved] clicktracking no work

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  • sorry

    <a href= %link% target="_blank"><img src="%image%"></a>

    The plugin have change the tracking, works now via JS, clicktracking jquery plugin.
    But I think, the code is a little bid wrong. The jquery plugin will sue the jquery core and not all themes have this in the theme. But it easy to solve this. Fix inside the adrotate-outpu.php, line 481 to
    wp_enqueue_script('clicktracker', plugins_url('/library/jquery.clicktracker.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), '0.5', $in_footer);

    Change false to array('jquery') as dependence. Now was jquery included and is it not inside the theme.

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    @nar01 – The clicktracking doesn’t work for everyone, we’re investigating.
    Using href= %link% is not correct HTML, perhaps correcting that solves the issue for you.

    @frank – That only works for people who use the jQuery version bundled with WordPress. Everyone else will run into trouble with it.

    If you need jQuery enabled you can either see if something else already loads it. Most themes do, some plugins try too. If not, enable the checkbox for it in AdRotate settings.

    Thank you for your answers.

    However, even by putting the link at the customer location, this does not occur. What is strange is that it worked before. And for 1 month, no click is saved while printing is displayed.
    By replacing the code in the file AdRotate-outpu.php by Franck code, no change.
    I disabled the plugins then I reactivated, I also uninstalled to reinstall, still no clictracking.
    my website: http://www.basket-arlon.be

    I also have problems with click tracking on all my 5 pages. There is no click counts, everything else work fine.
    This happened after some updates but I didn’t notice when? 🙁

    Please advice.

    Sample page link

    Thx, BR

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Tick the box to load JS in the footer in AdRotate settings.

    I tick this options but doesn’t help. But I notice that click tracking work with my old adds where I still use %link% option?

    Thx, BR

    Me that I add the option %link% or let me put the link directly in the code, it does not always work …

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    %link% is deprecated and should no longer be used.


    I understand, I just saying that old solutions for click tracking still work for me, but new one doesn’t.

    Thx, BR

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    The old method uses the new method so that’s not possible…

    Clicktracking stopped working for me about 6 weeks ago. I have changed the %link% code and it’s still not working. Jquery is enabled. Adding comment to get updates from this thread. Thanks for your assistance!

    My apologies for the second post…but just wanted to add that I’m Adrotate 3.9.9 and WP 3.9. Thanks!!

    Yup, doesn’t work 🙂
    Adrotate 3.9.1 and WP 3.9. Thank you 🙂

    Sorry, for the second post 😉 I’m using Adrotate Version 3.10.4 (It shows in the description). But in “AdRotate” / “General Info” it shows “Version 3.9.1”

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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