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    I started rebuilding my affiliate WordPress Blogs again after years of neglect and from day one I have experienced a strange problem.
    Hope to heck I’m not off base by asking here but am out of options!
    I have 12 websites that I promote eight affiliates on. Only real difference in the sites is the domain names and all use the same themes and plugins.
    The problem is with the reported stats on the affiliate pages and it is the same problem with each and every affiliate page.
    I see 3-4 days of hundreds of stats, clicks and then 3-4 days of 0 to maybe 5-20 stats, clicks on the affiliate page of every affiliate I promote.
    It has been going on ever since I started promoting seriously again which has been for the last three months and is driving me crazy. 🙂
    Thank you,
    Kenneth Adair

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    It’s looking like I posted this in the wrong place but don’t know how to or where to post it in the proper place.
    My apologies!

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