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  • i have made two sites in WP 2.1 ( and and have just found out from a user that in both of them if you click a link to an uploaded file it causes Internet Explorer to crash instantly (Firefox is fine).

    for examples, see the ‘local history -> 1901 census’ page on the first site and the ‘products’ page on the second one.

    i’ve duplicated the crash myself here at home (using IE6).

    does anyone have any ideas what could cause this, as far as i’m aware these are just perfectly normal links??

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  • Hmmm.. works fine in IE7.
    Sorry I ditched IE6.

    I just tried it in IE6 – they work fine. No crashing.

    hmmm… all very weird. i can duplicate it every time i click on a link (and unfortunately so can my customer!).

    Try a hard refresh on your browser.
    Ctrl + F5 on keyboard at same time.

    I’d agree with smaboll – they all work just fine for me on IE6 (not my usual browser, but I do have it ;))

    aha, progress (of sorts) – i followed the microsoft error reporting thing through (i don’t usually bother with it) and it tells me that the problem is caused by adobe acrobat.

    of course it doesn’t tell me what the problem is or what i can do about it…

    btw, ctrl-f5 was the first thing i tried, to no avail.

    damn – why can’t everyone just use firefox?!

    sorted! i updated my adobe reader from version 7.0.6 to 7.0.9 and all works fine now.

    let’s just hope everyone who goes to my sites are fanatical updaters…

    In this case, you’d be advised to instruct the client to post a statement that the links WILL crash IE6 UNLESS the reader updates Adobe Reader to the latest version (which is 8.0, and is advised for everyone to update since the later editions of 7.0+ have a security vulnerability), see here:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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