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  • When I click on “statpress” in my admin panel, or if I already have it open and click “reload” or click “details”, most of the time the browser waits for what seems like an eternity, then instead of opening the requested page, the server uploads a blank index.php file to me, whereupon my browser opens an endless string of empty untitled pages until I kill it. I chatted with firefox support about it, and they think that it’s a server configuration problem. I don’t have a problem rendering php pages from other websites, only the admin pages on my own wordpress blog. I clicked on “blogroll” and it did the same thing: endless wait, then endless loop of blank untitled pages. I’m running the latest version of Firefox, in Linux Edubuntu. I haven’t tried this on a Windows machine yet to see if it does the same thing. Has anyone heard of an issue like this? Instead of rendering the page in my browser, the server uploads a blank file to my computer.
    David Fister

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