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  • Please see the video here:

    The customer clicks on the make an offer button and instead of showing them the form, it jumps to the recent offers page.

    1) Another person reported the same problem in the recent past.

    2) I cannot reproduce it. I’ve even replaced the customers password hash in the DB with my own password hash and tried to reproduce it on the browser he is using (Firefox) and it works correctly.

    3) Our client, the website owner gets several offers submitted every day, which means that it is working most of the time.

    4) And even for this customer, it was working up to now (as you can see from the large number of recent offers shown in the video).

    Please fix this. As you can expect, our mutual client would like the button to work correctly all the time.

    Thank you!

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  • Oliver


    Hi @alabakercom ,

    Well the video explains the error but not how to. And as explained by you , you are not able to reproduce it yourself neither do I. So it would be hard to say whats not working specifically for this client unless there is a way to reproduce it. May be its related to their browser specifically. Did you asked them to try using some other browser or may be check private browsing mode and see if they are able to get it working?

    Look, if this was working like last night and next morning its not then that doesn’t explain any issue with plugin though. May be its something relating to cache plugin or their browser cache or may be they have some extensions installed in their browser that may be caching some data?

    Please your user to try with default browser or chrome or in private browsing with no extension and see if they are still able to reproduce the same error? The try disabling all extra plugins except for woo and offers and check. Next case would be to switch to basic Twenty theme and then run some test and see if this makes any difference?

    Please dont try these on production site but switch to staging site and then run these test and let me know the results.

    Thank you!

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