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  • Uploaded images are approx.100KB which are resized down by WP to about 25KB but when I click on them some become far too large. Before uploading, I have tried various sizes between 40 and 90KB but they still appear too large when clicking on them. If WP automatically resizes when uploading, why can’t they resize when clicking them up to a maximum size? Any ideas? Thanks. Here is my web Example: the first three images are fine but the fourth one is too large.

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  • Are you using a plugin to handle your images? WP doesn’t size files UP, only down.

    BTW, I downloaded the fourth image, and it came in at 127kb. Definitely not too large. When you say “too large” are you referring to file size or the size in pixels of the image?


    Thanks for coming in. No, I am not using a plugin. I have just removed the image and started from scratch resizing to 400×516 pixels (42,01KB) but after uploading WP appears to have scaled to 585x754px (?) Also, when I click on the image it displays with the header and side bars having to scroll up and down to see the full image, whereas the 3 first images display on a dark background without header and side bars.

    The reason they are appearing too large is that you are simply using the browser window as you picture display window. Instead you should be using a Gallery plugin or Lightbox plugin to display them. Using a light box will show the images at the size they actually are on a dark background.

    Hope this helps.

    — Kevin

    @ Kevin

    Thanks. I’ll try that.

    @ Kevin

    I have installed Gallery plugin but when the image is clicked it still appears as before, surrounded by header and sidebars. I get the black background when reclicked. Is there a way to bypass the first click to avoid the large image like the first three images that don’t require the plugin? And why do the first 3 images display on dark background on first click? I hope you can understand what I am trying to say!

    Just noticed that all images appear on black background on first click except images 4 to 10!

    @ Kevin

    I’ve tried both your suggested plugins but nothing seems to change.

    I am abandoning this one, nothing works with the suggested plugins. Even the slideshow widget doesn’t work, just a rotating unclickable widget on the sidebar doing nothing. I read that others have problems too, it isn’t just me. Thanks for trying to help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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